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Originally Posted by Marquezj16:
Harold Fish - I think if you look closer at that case, it has more to do with his story being inconsistent and having poor representation.
You asked for an example case where the type of ammo the defendant used resulted in a conviction. The caliber, 10mm, that Fish used/carried played a significant part in his conviction- example provided!

Past that, I really have no desire to debate the other factors in the case since it is of very little interest to me. I've provided an example that answered your question. If you want more, I am sure that a little research on your part will locate more examples if you wanna pursue it.

If memory serves, I believe that Mas Ayoob wrote an article not too long ago that dealt with this issue or at least some of the implications of selecting certain kinds of ammunition.

Time to let this thread return to its earlier course...
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