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I just strapped generation #2 of my ankle rig on a few minutes ago.

Completed it yesterday evening and did the hot water soak before putting the handgun in place and and strapping it on.

Took it off for bed time, and after it dried over night it seems to be doing fine this morning.

Do not like the looks of those rigs which have a garter type elastic strap placed above the calf which holds the holster up, nor do I like the looks of those which have a wide streachie band around the leg to hold them in place.

So far, so good with this second version, so will wear it for a few days, complete with the RUGER SP101 stubby/spurless and see what I think then.

With generation #1, what I did find was that while this wheel gun is not the lightest one on the market, it was simply not a weight or bulk issue when in place.

I fully realise that there are autos which are flatter and might carry a bit better, but trust is an important issue in personal carry, and my trust factor in a quality wheel gun is about 1,000% higher then with the smaller auto, or even the bigger ones for that matter.

5 shots of +P .38s or .357s which are 100% sure of going out the end of barrel have a much higher satisfaction level then 5, 6, 7 or ?? shots which may or may not.

Sorry auto lovers, even though I have a good .45 auto, I have yet to be totally sure it will be there when I need it.

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

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