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The chambers are loaded. The cylinder is closed. No more eyeballing or finger feeling your cartridges. Ammunition inspection time is over!

How do you confirm the cylinder on your hammer spur removed revolver is in the locked position? Not just closed, but locked.

Maybe those with excellent eyesight and the opportunity to confirm the cylinder is locked by actual firing the loaded revolver off the back porch can clue the rest of us in.
What do you do with a gun that has a spur? Do you actually cock the gun (to see if it rotates the cylinder), and release the hammer on a loaded gun inside your house (we are talking carry guns here), before you holster it? Please explain what you are referring to.
If you are doing as above, you are doing something risky with a loaded gun that could result in an accidental discharge in your house.

You are trying to construct an issue where none exists. Those of us who routinely carry, do not cock and release the hammer our carry guns to see if the bolt is engaged after loading and closing the cylinder, spurred hammer or not. When preparing our carry guns, we load the cylinders with factory ammo, holster(pocket) the gun and go about our business.

Have you had experience with this issue, know of someone that's had this issue or have any stats. confirming this has been problem with hammerless pistols?

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