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I bought one of the new Ruger Gunsite rifles this summer. Very pleased. Well, except for the OEM 10 round metal magazine. That never did make sense to me. I ordered all three versions of mags in polymer from Midway, 3, 5, and 10 round. (The 10 round polymer is shorter than the 10 round metal one.) After playing around with all of them, I decided the five round polymer was my new standard for the rifle.

I would still like to change out the factory flash hider. Never did like the looks of the Ruger Mini 14 style flash hider. But that's an aesthetics issue, not a functional one. The action of the rifle is nice. The trigger is even decent for a stock factory rifle. I've only fired it so far with the iron sights and I was easily clanging my 100 yard steel gong with surplus 7.62 NATO. Got to figure out what I want to do as far as an optic. Whether I want to go conventional scope or try a scout type.

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