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How do you confirm the cylinder on your hammer spur removed revolver is in the locked position? Not just closed, but locked.

actually hear the cylinder release click into locked position.

As you close your cylinder, if you watch the cylinder releases lever, you can actually watch the lever as it will reset into the locked position.

With the cylinder out, visually mark where your cylinder release is setting. Slowly close the cylinder and watch the release reset into locked position. The locked position of the lever will be about a 1/16- 1/8" rearward of the unlocked position.

after you load and close your cylinder, as you rotate the cylinder to make sure a chamber is lined up correctly with the bore , put a bit of side pressure on cylinder making sure cylinder won't move outward. Just as you should make a habit of doing on any revolver when loading as parts(including cyl. locks) wear out.


I'm not trying to be argumentative but this is the second time you have referred to not being able to make sure cylinder is locked on a hammerless revolver.
Have you had experience with this issue, know of someone that's had this issue or have any stats. confirming this has been problem with hammerless pistols?

Again, not being argumentative but I've shot revolvers with hammers as well as hammerless for 40yrs.(Note: by no means am I a revolver guru and I'm always willing to learn, hence my question). Load them both with a regular regiment that's the same....keep pistol inspected/maintained, inspect ammo,load,close cylinder and slightly spin cyl. lining up chamber while applying a bit of side pressure to cyl. And have just never experienced any problems in the areas you're suggesting on any revolver.
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