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Originally Posted by Creeper
I'm not talking about caliber, but rather interesting and uncommon parts like... Fail Zero BCGs, Teludyne "StraightJacket" uppers, White Oak match uppers, monolithic uppers, special or hydraulic buffers, laser range finding optics, unusual materials like the Nemo... or just something different from the usual stuff?
Al the above has been on the AR market for a very long time. I'm not a fan of 'coating' the FCG or BCG. My initial experience was less than positive. As long as I have 100% reliability with the standard phosphate coated BCG's I well keeping using them.

Non standard uppers can enhance the AR, side chargers, billet uppers without FA and/or SD. One thing all uppers should have done is hone the face to be perpendicular to the BCG center line. I've seen some that were off by several thousandths.

Monolithic uppers look cool but add extra tooling and complexity. Your stuck with the same hand guard for ever.

Special or hydraulic buffers, buffer weight is a tuning aid. Hydraulic units are a leak waiting to happen.

Laser range finding has it's place I guess, long range trophy hunts is one time I would use them. Otherwise I range with mil-dots.
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