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Should I try a different sizing die?

.40s/w - Hornady carbide die.

In my progressive L-N-L press the cases don't want to align/enter the die in Station #1 and I need to use my fingers to align the cases before they enter the die.

I stretched out the shell holder spring and this did help some but I am not having this problem with different calipers. I beleive my press indexing is fairly close but, on .40 and other calipers, I still need to rock the ram arm a tad on occasion to get a primer seated.

Do the Lee sizing dies in .40 have a different taper at the mouth than Hornady carbide dies and would the Lee die allow the cases to enter the die more easily?

L-N-L progressive press is new and I have used only SS press to date so my experience with a progressive press is minimal. I am running the press one case at a time through each of 4 stations.

How do I tell if the need to rock the ram arm to seat a primer is (i) an indexing issue, or (ii) a primer shuttle alignment issue?
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