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Originally Posted by mySig229 View Post
I carry 40 Cal Zombie Max every day. I used to carry HST's, but I'm not impressed with the penetration power of the HST through different media. IE glass & sheet metal. You never know when you'll have to fire though a windshield or car door.

I got Z Max over CD for cost as well. Cheaper...and the shops here blow through it. Popular here too. And it's right on the box. "Just in case" how do we know there's no Zombie apocalypse coming soon? Be prepared. Lol
I'd put solid money on HST penetrating better and more consistently than Z-Max, but the important part is carrying a round you feel confident with. Like my dad and Hydra Shoks. An outdated round next to my HSTs and Gold Dots, but he's so murderously accurate and confident with the load I don't think it'd matter.
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