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I have a .44 Mag Redhawk with 4" barrel. I reload, although my experience is in its infancy.

I had long fantasied about a .454 SRH. Finances forced my hand when buying the Redhawk, though, as it was on offer at almost half the retail price of either a Redhawk or SRH, where I live.

I bought it for the fun, but also as a woods gun. Where I live, the biggest animals to be a potential threat are comparable to N. America's: a rutting bull elk, or a brown bear.

Bottom line is the more I learn about the .44 and .454 the happier I am that I bought the .44. In fact, I now fantasise about a SRH in .44!!

The .44 load is seemingly quite up to the job, if loaded accordingly, and it is easier on both the pocket and wrist.

If those are not considerations and the 45Colt option appeals then get the .454, otherwiuse I say get the .44 and don't look back!!
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