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The good folks over at MD Shooters (thank you Esqappellate for buying the audios - yes, plural) have assembled the Kachalsky oral arguments into one MP3 file and this is being hoster by Maryland Shall Issue (MSI - the local on the ground org). It is available, here. The file runs at 36.3 MB (1 hr and 20 min), so it is probably best to right click the link and save to your own computer.

Folks, this is unprecedented, as the CA2 generally allows only 10 minutes per side. Here, Alan Gura presents his side for 40 solid minutes, before the State gets its turn and the panel still allows Gura some rebuttal time!

The panel is very well briefed (as can be seen by the amount of questions they "harass" Gura with). Oh, and he doesn't fall for the "in the Bar" thing that he got tongue-tied at the 7th with!
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