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Toss that junky RCBS lube pad and get a Lyman lube pad like mine. You won't believe the difference.

Just kidding. of course. When I'm reloading a large batch I'll roll 5 or 6 at a time across the pad and drop them in the next container. I do wind up with some lube on my fingers, but that's not a problem since the next step involves picking up lubed cases anyway to run them through the sizing die.

If I'm only loading a few I use Kiwi Mink Oil boot polish.

So far, I've only stuck one .223 case and it was my fault. I tried to size it a second time without re-lubing. I think that was using the Lyman case lube, but I don't remember that for sure.

If you're getting a lot of lube on your hands you may be putting too much on the pad. I'll add lube to my pad when I'm done with it so that it will all be soaked in for the next time I need it. I don't apply lube to the pad just before rolling cases on it. The surface shouldn't appear wet.
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