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And, as pointed out by a previous post in opposition to my view, how do we predict which violent felons are still violent when they come up for parole?

It wasn't always this way. At least in the 1800s, people who committed armed felonies did their time in prison and were able to legally buy a firearm the day they were released from prison. I don't know when that changed. But, just as a f'rinstance, I stumbled across an article just today about a guy who back in 1983 tried to kill his ex-wife with a knife. He very nearly succeeded; she sustained multiple stab wounds, very nearly died, and she was left partially paralyzed. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and served seven. It is now 25 years later and he has not committed any further crimes.

I concede that it's far from guaranteed that every felon who is granted parole is safe to be out on the streets, but it's also not guaranteed that every violent felon will be a repeat offender after serving his time. It's also not at all certain that guns are the issue. The two creeps who murdered the Petit family in Connecticut a few years ago had no violent felonies on their records prior to the incident. They didn't use a gun. In fact, I believe the baseball bat they used to beat Dr. Petit was found in the house after they broke in. They killed the wife by strangling her, then tied the two daughters to their beds, doused the house with gasoline, and dropped a match on the way out.

Sure was a good thing they couldn't buy a gun.
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