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Massad Ayoob, legal advice...

Sworn LE officer, tactics instructor and author; Massad Ayoob advises gun owners/concealed license holders to have a qualified lawyer or law firm ready-available BEFORE you get into a lethal force event or arrest for a use of force incident.
He suggests keeping the law firm's business card with your carry permit.

When I was arrested in the spring of 2012 for minor offenses(all charges were later dismissed & the entire case closed), the county jail had phones available but you could only make collect calls.
The court/booking staff member allowed inmates to make calls on a office phone & the corrections officers allowed most of the holding area inmates to contact bail/bond agents.
The main point in a LE contact is to: STAY SILENT! Control your emotions and do not make any statements that may be used against you later.
Also, keep in mind that audio & video systems may be recording you(and maybe your phone calls). Many cops lie about "off the record" remarks but don't fall for it. Talk to a atty with a good law firm or background with criminal defense(use of force) cases.
Be smart, keep your wits about you and keep your yapper shut!
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