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There's a lot of hyperbole about lead and I see high infection rates on this board, lol. Why is everyone so terrified of lead?

Bullet bases do not vaporize. Airborne lead contamination in indoor ranges is from the primers. Leading in gun barrels is from improper fit to bore and/or incorrect bhn of the lead as stated.

I have no use for plated bullets, but I have loaded and shot some that friends show up with. Eh, they make holes. I shoot almost exclusively lead boolits in my handguns and I got plenty of leaded up barrels in the early years. You don't melt down lead sinkers, size them to .429 and loaded to 1200 fps and stay lead free! (my fault, not the lead!)

But you can melt wheelweights, air dropped, sized to .430 and (I) did stay lead free. Water quenching WWs increases hardness to ~24 bhn where I have driven them to 1700 fps with no leading (different caliber). If one strives to learn a little about hardness/pressure and sizing then one can enjoy as good or better than factory jacketed performance with no leading and at a fraction of the cost of jacketed. To each his own.

The big calibers (44 Mags and 45 Colt/Casull) shine with lead boolits. I wont shoot jacketed through my 44s anymore. I have a half dozen moulds ranging in weight from 180 to 320 which covers anything on this continent.
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