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You may find, too, that Century Arms International -- an American Importer -- may be able to supply SOME parts.

I've had two DP51s and the .40 version (DH40), and they're fine guns. You may already know it, but they have a very unique firing mechanism with three modes, all of which work with the safety (or without): 1) hammer down, double action, 2) cocked and locked, single action, 3) hammer cocked and pushed forward (down), with a two-stage single action.

In the third mode, the gun appears to be double-action, but the action is pre-cocked. You have to pull the trigger to stage the hammer (i.e., move it back to the cocked position), and then continue your pull to drop the hammer. There are two clear steps in the process, but it's easier and more effective than DA, and arguably safer than SA. You can use the safety or not.

My DaeWoos seemed, to me, to be like a S&W Third Generation gun that looked a little like a SIG. The gun seems to have some S&W-like features.

The 59 mags work, but stick out just a bit farther than factory mags with a gap at the bottom. They far less expensive than the DaeWoo mags, if you can find them. The 59 mags can be tweaked to work in the .40 model, too,
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