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I don't really care to see one since if it's near there also won't be any deer nearby.
....actually, odds are if there's a cougar there, it's because of a high concentration of it's major food source. Venison. Same goes for wolves. No deer in the area, they leave. If they're there, that means there are deer in the area. Also, as the cougar leaves your immediate area in pursuit or search of venison, odds are good that it may drive a good deer past you. Over the years I've seen a ton of deer when on stand or while still hunting. Shooting one just means I have to gut it out, drag it out and then butcher it when I get home. Seein' a cougar, in the wild, in Wisconsin..... would make my day.

My brother and I carry handguns when we go to work on our stands. I know all the tree lovers say "they'll run away" but I won't be surrounded by a pack of wolves (we ARE in the food chain) without being armed. Same with the cougar.
Last I knew, there haven't been many folk in Wisconsin ate by wolves or cougars. Matter of fact, I don't think I've heard of any.......ever. Maybe we're the missing link in that food chain, I dunno. A sidearm makes many of us feel safer, but most of the time it's the two legged predators that we need to fear the most. That and them cougars in the Rockton Bar waitin' for them young bucks to get drunk and horny.
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