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As I previously stated, no sense continuing a discussion with somebody who just insists that I am a liar.

No where did I call you a liar. I truly believe you THINK you hit the squirrel in both lungs. I'm only saying you didn't, or the squirrel would be dead....regardless of bullet shape.

As for Buck killing squirrels with a "BB gun," now I am beginning to smell something. Rabbits and small birds are nowhere near as tough as squirrels. I would be real surprised it a typical BB gun would shoot clear through a squirrel.

Now, you're calling me a liar, LOL. Talk about the pot callin' the kettle black. First does not need a pass thru to kill a squirrel...if you hit it in the vitals. Shoot one high in the trees with a .410 shotgun and none of the pellets will pass thru, but you still end up with a dead squirrel. Shoot a squirrel in the brains with a BB gun and you don't get a pass thru, but again, you end up with a dead squirrel. When I was a kid, the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 came out and every kid in the small rural town I lived in had one. In the summer, when squirrels and rabbits were out of season, we used 'em on rats at the local dump and in silos when the feed got below the doors and the rats were trapped. Believe me, dump rats are just as hard to kill as any squirrel. Here is a writeup about the pumpmaster from Wikipedia. Read it and then tell me what you smell.......crow maybe?

The Crosman Pumpmaster 760, or Crosman 760 Pumpmaster, is an American-made multi-pump pneumatic Air Gun that is manufactured for target shooting, plinking, and small pest control. The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster is a BB gun with more than 12 million copies sold. It has a caliber of .177 and can shoot up to 625 ft/s. This gun may be used for hunting small pests, up to small game. The 760 Pumpmaster is very accurate for a weapon with a non-rifled barrel, and is capable of hitting a target at ranges of up to 50 yards. Firing a pellet at 600 feet per second (180 m/s), this weapon is able to effectively dispatch small game such as rabbit or squirrel at ranges not extending beyond 20 yards.
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