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The first shoot was a success! All digits intact

I sent 50 .45 ACP and 50 9mm down range. The lower recoil was sweet and I saw the best groups at 7 yards I've shot with either gun so far (keep in mind I'm a novice).

I had two feed failures in the .45 that resulted in the slide jamming about half way through the cycle. I'll take a pic if it happens again, but it's happened once or twice with factory ammo.

The 9mm was nearly flawless, two rounds failed to cycle the slide far enough to eject, but I'm guessing this can be solved with a little more powder.

I loaded another batch of 50 9mm rounds this afternoon and the whole process was much faster. I think my powder measure woe may have been due to not giving the scale enough time to register rather than the powder measure being inconsistent. Apparently you need to give the scale several seconds to settle.
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