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Get a new can of Pyrodex go to Remington #10 caps. Try piching them and then push them on the nipples. 30 grs of powder should work just fine. If you want to use #11 caps order the Tresos nipples for about $31.00 and go with the #11 caps. You may still haft to pinch them on. Any lose caps is a good way to cause chan fire's to happen. Use the wads or something like boro butter over top of the ball if you don't have the wads. I fired 30 grs of Pyrodex out of my Walker and Dragoon pistols for just target shooting and had no problems with it at all. Like the guy's have already said you have got a can of powder that was not sealed and moisture got into the powder. I've used old powder that was more than 2 years old and it was kept dry and fired just fine. Also like what has already been said after you fire the first shot point the pistol up and roll to the right as you cock it for the second shot and the spent cap should fall out and away from the blast shield to the ground. Sometimes one will not let go of the nipple and get stuck on the nipple and if you don't get it off they will go down inside the openning at the bottom of the hammer and get ito the action and cause the hammer to not want to work. All Colt pistol's are bad about this and you just haft to watch them till you get use to them. JMOP.
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