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I support making possession of firearms by violent felons(the prohibition on ALL felons is too broad) illegal.

It's easy to say "If they are still dangerous, keep them locked up". The concept, in theory, sounds great. In reality, that isn't going to happen.

First off, you would have to institute a life sentence with the possibility of parole for all violent crimes. Not likely to withstand court challenges of being "cruel and unusual".

If the laws were allowed to stand, then you would have to have a parole board with the ability to determine when they are no longer a threat to society. Seeing how currently, violent thugs are locked up and paroled over and over again, parole boards crystal ball abilities seem to be pretty dismal.

People should not lose a civil right for no reason, but a violent felon has received due process and lost it due to his own actions. He has proven his own unworthiness.

Would such laws prevent violent felons from obtaining firearms? Of course not, but if they are caught in possession of one, then they can perhaps be returned to prison where they belong, hopefully before they commit another crime with it.
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