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When ever you have in your possession and control of a device that if mishandled can cause harm or death, there is a level of inherent risk. Training and conscientious safe gun handling practices and rituals can greatly mitigate that risk but not eliminate it completely. It only takes one brain fart or moment of complacency. Have you ever ran a red light or pulled out in front of another vehicle? Or dropped a cup of coffee in your lap?
Ah, I see. That is true to an extent, but is largely dependent on your carry method. If you put on a holstered weapon, leave it on all day, and don't remove it or otherwise fiddle with it, the risk is close to zero (assuming you were paying attention and safely holstered it to begin with). Stick it in your pocket, without a holster, and with a bunch of other crap, much more risk.

Risk of a ND is probably greater when you are using a range as you are loading/unloading/manipulating the gun numerous times, as opposed to it being immobile, strapped to your side.
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