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I shoot a HS Victor in Bullseye, its set up only to load 5 rounds at a time so I decided to get another Semi for 22 action type shooting.

Just last week I picked up a Ruger MKIII 22/45. Since then I've shot over 500 rounds, including a RF Bowling Pin shoot and a Post shoot.

A post shoot is where you shoot at a up right 2X4 and see who cuts it in half first.

I didn't get any malfunctions, but the more I shoot it the more it seems to smoothen out.

I will admit I had a few duds but that was the ammo not the gun.

Before I picked the Ruger I asked around, seems the Ruger is well know for its reliability.

Besides reliability I want accuracy, I've found both in my Ruger MkIII 22/45.

Also put red dot sights on it. I know that's cheating but its fast on target and supper accurate.

No.........I can't agree that 22 semis are not reliable. If you think so, pick up a Ruger.
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