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I call bunk to SGT127's post.
There is plenty of footage of pedestrain as well as drive-by creeps blasting away with Uzis & AKs and all kinds of pistols at night time and the shooter(s) clearly have both eyes wide open before, during and after the 1st shot.

There has also been plenty of night fighting in WW1 thru Afghanistan with guns much bigger, and throwing just a wee bit bigger flash, than any Snub .357 does. Check a history book. The evening wartime combatants fired more than just once before they closed their eyes and called it quits until daybreak.

Now if SGT127 is giving use advice on how he invisions his own behavior after the fight starts, well that is another story.
Are you sure?

In the olden days, when police agencies had the, 'PAL', sports league for city youth, PAL used to teach boxing lessons. Yes, that kind of boxing. Anyway, the inexperieced fighers would start swinging with their eyes open but would have both eyes tightly closed for the 2nd-3rd-4th and 5th swings.

Not only do I think sgt127 carried this optical childhood fighting notion with him, but I also think sgt127 is predicting or recommening or linking his idea of.357 snub-nose work for you too. Naw, he wasn't joking.



Perhaps your eyes were closed when I posted this:

Just so you don't miss it:

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