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James K
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Hi, impalacustom,

"If you feel I have said anything in error feel free to correct me."

With respect, I don't think you quite understand. Like many modern folks, you are thinking of a gas gun, where the barrel is stationary and the gas mechanism unlocks the bolt and moves it back extracting and ejecting the fired shell.

But an A5 doesn't work that way. The best way to see how one works when fired is to put some dummy shells in the magazine and a fired case in the chamber, then put the butt on the flloor and push down on the barrel. The barrel will move back (down) about 3 inches, with the bolt, then when you release pressure, the barrel will slam forward, followed an instant later by the bolt. It is when the barrel moves forward that extraction and ejection takes place, not when the bolt moves back.

If the barrel return spring is too strong or the rings are not set right, the barrel and bolt will not recoil far enough so they will remain locked together and go back into battery that way without any extraction or ejection at all.


Jim K
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