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True story -- because I'd have to be stark raving looney tunes to even attempt to make this up:

Was at a large, annual outdoor swap meet over Labor Day weekend, like a big gun show, dog show and flea market. Many, many guns bought, sold & swapped. You are just as likely to see antiques, old records or someone selling homemade honey or jelly as you are to see a table full of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

One lady had a scattered few gun accessory items and mostly garage sale type items on her table. With a little tag hanging from it was a modern full-size Ruger padlock, the ones they ship with revolvers where the instructions show a picture of the cheap chinese padlock simply locked behind the trigger in the trigger guard. (as if anyone would do that...)

She had a tag with a price of $20 and a line through that price, recently reduced to $18.

I honestly don't know if she thought it was some rare-ish collectible, or she was hoping that some schmuck might think that were the case.
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