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FN has commercial versions of a similarly oriented gun platform. It's probably a market decision on HK's part not to do market a semi version.

FN's hasn't exactly taken off.
I don't blame HK for not making a civilian market legal version of the gun- who really wants an oversize semiauto pistol chambered in a weird round and sized to just under an actual rifle, all at HK prices? Sure, you'll find somebody to drop the bucks, but not enough to actually justify it.

But then, I agree with Rob that the attitude of the author of the article is a problem. If these super operators think that I'm so on the edge of going on a rampage that I can't be trusted with this super special aitchundkay, then I wonder what they would think of my safe full of ARs and milsurp guns. My guess is they don't want me to have those either. That puts them in the same class as Feinstein and Schumer- people I have no use for, no matter how much actual gun knowledge they may have.

Let me make the decision as to what I'll buy. Don't assume that it's the tool that will encourage violence. If I can be trusted with what I now own, I am not going to be causing mayhem even with a minigun. If I can't be trusted with a German subgun in a centerfire flavor of .22WMR, I can't be trusted with even a penknife.
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