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Originally Posted by MLeake
AB, I stand no longer corrected. I had thought Philly was may issue, unlike the rest of PA, and ChuckS just confirmed that.
May issue by practice, but not by law. If you can find $5-10,000 maybe we can get Philly to follow the rule of law (in this situation).

To reiterate, the only differences Philly has (by statute) is that the issuance is by the Chief of Police (instead of by county sheriff) and you must have an LTCF to openly carry (city of the 1st class). So "shall issue" is the law, but Philly just doesn't practice it and nobody wants to spend the money to challenege it when there are more viable options.

Despite attempts at correction, the application and issuance of PA LTCF is not uniform throughout the state.
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