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44 mag, or 454casull

i am looking to add a revolver to my collection. either the S&W 629 backpacker or the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in either 44 mag or 454 casull. now i like both fire arms and my decision is more so between the 629, or ruger in 454. i really like the unfluted cylinders, and the short barrels. what is really leaving me stuck is the availability of the ammo. i realize that the 44 mag can shoot 44 special, but i dont see too much of that around. what does everyone find to be more common, either 45 long colt, or 44 special/44 mag. the 454 casull would not be shot too often as there really would be no need to, and i would practice occassionally since that would be the round carried in bear territory. and the same goes for the majority of the hot 44 mags. my main concern is the availability of these different rounds in the future and what would i have easier access to, and what would cost less for both factory ammo and reloading supplies. any help is appreciated.
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