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Hornady Z-max vs Critical Defense

So while at my local LFR I picked up some what appeared to be novelty rounds by hornady. They are called "Zmax" Zombie killing rounds. After I got home and did a side by side with my current carry load of Critical Defense I noticed that they have the same stated muzzle velocities and appear to be an identical cartridge except they are brass instead of nickle plated and have a neon green tip instead of the traditional pink. After some range testing (I'm not a balistics expert but I do have access to some water jugs) they seem to be in fact pretty much the same load.
I think its awsome hornady undertands there's a market for stuff like this and was wondering if anyone else has picked any of these up? I don't doubt they would stop a zombie but for something you can buy to put in a display but still use as practical ammo its defently a pretty cool conversation piece as well.
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