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I bought one of the newer PTR's about 4 years ago. I liked it a lot although I reload and it throws brass about 30 ft. Lots of aftermarket parts that are cheap. You've got to love magazines for $3-4. It is reasonably accurate, about 2" at 100, but not close to an AR-10 style rifle. Got bored with it and sold it. Like so many others, I sort of wish I still had it. Mine had a fixed stock and was a bit short for my preference. I don't think I would like a folder. Fairly stout recoil. Trigger was not that good but there is a gunsmith somewhere that will improve it for a reasonable amount. I never did that. I paid about $1100 from Bud's and sold it for $1000 with about 10 extra mags and a claw mount. I shot it a bunch at paper.
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