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I have shot the 26-06 since Remington 1st brought it out, and will attest to the fact that the 120 gr bullets are tought to get past 3000 FPS. However I have gone to the 110 Nosler Accubond with RL22, this combo runs out at 3167 FPS average 5 rounds. The bonus is it's very accurate in my rifle.
The platform of 3000 FPS seems to be a bench mark we as reloaders and shooters set. This started years ago when the belted mags came out as well as over bore cartridges.
With this being said I have shot dozens of deer with the 25-06 and the 120 gr. Hornady and 117 gr. Sierra bullets, probably none would have been over the 3000 FPS but all would shoot 1 MOA or better.
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