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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanka
Florida permits are especially popular in Philadelphia because they're easy to get
You to need to further explain this...."easy" in that if you're qualified and have fingerprint card and firearms training you WILL be issued a permit.

Pennsylvania has requirements for neither mandatory firearms training nor for fingerprinting. So you would think, that because the Florida license is more expensive and requires finger prints and training that is would be considered "harder" to get; but Philly is the only county in Pennsylvania, to my knowledge, that requires you to submit your fingerprints before your application is accepted for processing. In Philly, the License to Carry a Firearm is in effect: May Issue; despite the attempts by state legislators to make the application process uniform throughout the state just a few short years ago.

This disparity in treatment is one reason why folks get an out-of-state permit rather than their own states permit.
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