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Anything non bulk ...

Anything that is not sold in bulk packs is "better" quality but does not qualify as premium imho.

I never had an issue with the CCI ammos (rn, hp, stinger, ...), except the blazzer (1 dud per box, and it is bulk). The shots were all fairly consistent at 100yards, except the one blazzer that failed to fire.
I have the same excellent experience with the Remington Target, subsonic and thunderbolt ammo: very consistent elevation, no feed or ejection issue, all are going bang at the 1st strike ... so far.

Other brands, Winchester in particular, gave me a little bit of trouble, mainly ejection issues with the pistols and few lighter or hotter loads that affects the elevation of the impact point when shooting with the rifle at 100 yards.

I shoot 22lr with a 10/22 ss carbine, a Bersa T22, a Walther P22 - but even if you shoot with the same guns, yours might like or dislike stuff that mines dislike or like. Better buy a little bit of each - it is cheap - and try by yourself.
I always clean the pistols after each session, I keep the barrel of the 10/22 fairly "dirty", but clean the bolt receiver action. It seems that the 10/22 takes 30/40 shots for the groups to tighten a bit after I cleaned the barrel. I have no scientific explanation about that.

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