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I strongly disagree with my friend but I can (rightly/wrongly) see were some types of thinking are coming from in our society...

It seems to be truly "anything but tradition" goes... Our social contract seems to having in it people shouldnt feel threatened... In the new social contract its do whatever you want goes... I know this is a over simplification of a complex idea but its not an entirely inaccurate way to describe what I see happening in college..

Side note and not to divert the thread... But one thing I see happening is a new family forming... Constant communications and texting is putting the parents in a less influential group compare to peers as kids come into teen years.... Its effect now and in future years will be less than desirable on every part of our nation... Youth ideas being modified by peers instead of parents puts tradition in harms way, it also changes what the youth think is acceptable with guns and other ideas.
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