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I agree with you Brian... One of the variables though is the number of cultures in our society... What many groups see is unacceptabe some groups see as being acceptable.. Being a melting pot of ideas has been anything but easy and I for one dont always agree that it makes us stronger or better... It only makes us stronger or better when there is a willingness to be flexible, a give and take....

I have a close friend who told me outright that he feels his cultural group has no need to respect our traditions or history and that the Bill of Rights is outdated and it has to take the meaning that the youth of today deem it to be... The question he offered in so many words was why should we expect to have guns as a "Right" when they apparently have no meaning to his thoughts about his culture.

I think the internet has added to a resurgence of gun culture as people who once felt isolated as gun owners now can connect all over the world with others... The downside is of course that some willingly choose to ignore common sense or maybe under my friends view, tradition need not apply and maybe we all need to get use to the idea that some our ideas about community and social contract are being thrown out and its anything goes... anything but tradition...

Some conceptualize a US where the 2A is absolute with few limits and they may not think about how they are presenting it, or in the new thinking maybe the structure of the social contract is changing...
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