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Although its getting to have been a while since I did OC my goal was to gain acceptance by showing that the sole act of having a gun did not make one a bad guy.. Ive posted previously my method which I wont repeat here... The bottom line is I tried to avoid shock...

All that said a "Right" is still a "Right" and has to be useable inorder to maintain that status. I do agree that some people go overboard and its easy for media to take a minor incident and make it into a monster... Alot of it has to do with political corectness.

Still all in all the "Right" must exist, we as a society live under this illusion that our basic needs are overall going to always be met and we have a certain minimum of police protection... We seem to ignore that civil unrest or disturbances may occur for any number of reasons... Flood, hurricane, power outage, disasters of every sort.... A single electromagnetic pulse from the sun is capable of knocking us back to having no electricity for years... In many of these situations a firearm is essential for defense, hunting, creating noise so rescuers can find you...

The protection of society is only a thin sheet, Open Carry is important to help people know as a society that guns are still important and not just for defense.
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