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I buy my sabots in bulk from MMP at about $7.50 per 50 and get Hornady XTP bullets from my local pawn shop for around $19.00 per 100. That comes to around $34.00 per 100 rounds or 34 cents per round. At the ranges I shoot (150 yards and in) There is no difference in accuracy or stopping power in this load and any of the other bullets you are buying at $1.50 to $2.00 apiece.

The bullets you are buying are not a bit better, they are just custom made for the rifle maker, and they try to make you think that they are a whiz-bang sure-fire perfect and only bullet to shoot in their rifles. Don't be fooled by the advertising, and get yourself into a cheaper way to shoot. It's tooooo much fun to have to watch your wallet in order to shoot more.
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