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There are people who don't like to have the names of the car dealer on their car and some who don't even like to have the manufacturer's name on the car either, or so it would appear. Likewise, there are those who never read the owner's manual and there are some who do read it and ignore everything they just read because "they just say that to protect themselves." Presumably from people like themselves.

My favorite kind of person is like my late father-in-law (an engineer, to be sure), who would carefully read the manual and make copious marginal notes, not all of which were complimentary. My boss is also an engineer and he is exactly the same way.

I'm not an engineer. I'm probably in the "read the manual as a last resort" camp. Partly because of my work, I tend to see most things as puzzles to be worked out and the answers are never in the back of the book. I'm also a minimalist and the ideal reloading manual should be wallet sized. In my case, there's plenty of room in my wallet anyway. Come to think of it, the instructions that come with the little Lee die sets are just about that size.
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