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Originally posted by Blue Train
However, back to Mr. WebleymkV, who kindly responded to my comments. Please don't take my comments as criticisms but just friendly conversation.
No worries, I took your post in exactly the spirit it was intended

Are you sure about what you said in your response concerning slow burning powders. I think you made an error and contradicted yourself. But I'll let you read it again first.
You're right, I made a typo and my post has been edited

In my case, for any cartridge, most but not quite all, of my shooting was done with handloads that were not full power. I always felt that factory ammunition was perfectly fine for just about anything, the handloads were used for economical reasons. In fact, I was always a little surprised at how much more powerful the factory loads appeared to be.
I also handload practice ammo for economic reasons (.357 Magnum ammo just aint cheap). I've found that a 158gr LSWC over 14gr of 2400 with a Winchester Small Pistol Primer (non-magnum) duplicates the recoil and POI of a factory 158gr JHP fairly well.

Now, on a slightly different subject, do some powders produce more muzzle flash than others? I have seen it stated that some ammuntion, such as GI .45 auto ammunition, had an anti-flash something added. I believe it was Chuck Taylor who said that. Does some ammunition produce more flash than others? I don't recall that 125 grain .357 produced all that much flash on a dimly lit indoor range but I suppose it might if it were fired in total darkness. We did night firing in the army with all sorts of small arms but unfortunately, that was nearly 50 years ago and my memory of some things is hazy.
There are flash suppressants that can be added to powder, but I really don't know all that much about them. I do know that the more powder which burns after the bullet has already left the barrel, the greater the flash and blast will be. If one wanted "fireworks," a light bullet over a large charge of slow burning powder in a short barrel would be a good way to get it.
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