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Personally I would not sweat it if your getting the groups. The 120's hit like the hammer of Thor and should serve you well.

Im my own 25-06 I had the factory 24" tube on it, stll do for that matter. I hit about the same wall as you have, 2900'ish fps and that was it. My solution was to simply drop down to the 115gr Partition and go on my merry way. I easily hit 3150fps using it, and RL-22, and staying within a book load at the time. It shot so well I simply kept it and quit looking for anything else. I figured it was a good compromise of weight, speed, and accuracy. I have shot many legit 1/2" groups at 200 or more yards with that load. If you can put it exactly where you want it every time then the rest is a non issue.

I also was going to suggest giving RL-22 a try. If you can scrape some up I would also suggest giving Ramshot Magnum a try as well. After I passed my standard version 25 over to my daughter, I built me an Ackley version, which has a 28" finished lenght barrel on it. I specifically built it for the heavier bullets, and using Ramshot Magnum it is something else for sure. It will certainly smoke those 120gr bullets out the muzzle and makes shots at 300 seem like nothing at all.

You will also find that you might want to choose your bullets carefully, as mentioned by another fellow the up close shots might be a bit much for you in the meat damage dept. That's another reason I stayed with the 115's, the range didn't matter, 40 or 400yds it did the same thing every time.

Like I said at the start, I wouldn't sweat the little things like a few FPS, if you have the accuracy. Load up some for this fall and keep looking if you REALLY want 3000fps. Least you will have some you know are accurate that you can hunt with. Give them a try on a nice sized doe or hog, and you might find you really don't need anything else.
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