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The only thing the OC "activists" are fighting for is attention and they are using the gun as a tool to get it.
I disagree completely.

I OC every day. I have OC'd daily for years (since 1970) I am not looking for attention, I am looking to allow those that may do me harm, the ability to make an informed decision. I have never had a confrontation, been on the news, or been what...42 years of carry? (BTW, It works as a deterrent, I personally know that for a fact)

How about the last conversation I had about my OC? At Big R (a farm supply store chain in MT, ID and WA). What was the question? New manager from MT wanted to know why he saw so FEW OC'ers in WA as compared to his last store in MT. He asked about the WA law, and I helped him as I could. He was/is also not out for attention.

Are there those that are seeking attention by their OC activities out there? Of course, there are loud mouths in every crowd. Doesn't matter if it a woman walking down the street in NYC with no top (legal BTW) or someone carrying a .22 that just happens to LOOK scary (if any .22 could look scary). I've shot a real MP5, I don't think they are scary either...I don't particularly like the MP5, or any pistol like it, unless someone else is buying the ammo.
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