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yeah he loves guns and loves to learn their history but doesn't really know where to turn for research so he ends up having to trust what people tell him.

luckily I have a spare, inletted straight stock(I know, not correct) that is still full length(with hand guard) and with little more than an 8 dollar handguard ring and a 50 dollar bayonet lug from numrich I can convert his horrible sporterizing job into a pseudo-midgrade replica job.

yes the barrel will be blued, the receiver has slots for the rear sight hood(whatever it's called in the original o3s), and it'll be a straight stock instead of C or scant but it should raise the value a bit from bubba special to almost gibbs-grade rifle.

out of curiosity,

upon, closer inspection of the bolt,(I don't know the nonclemature yet) the bolt housing(part that the decocker goes inside) is marked "R"(which I know means remington) but the bolt knob does not bear the associated "R" or any other maker stamp. it does have very close to proper angle for the bolt angle and is actually a solid piece unlike the original appraisal as welded on. lastly, the safety(which does not work with the scope currently mounted) seems like it has an unusually long safety switch which I have never seen before, almost like the "tactical" ambidextrous charging handles for AR15s versus standard charging handles.
were some of these bolts made like this or was this an addon during the sporterizing process?

sorry for a lack of pics, neither of us have cameras at the moment.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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