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While I would have to agree with the idea that you can get used to almost anything I cannot even imagine how a Glock would feel good in anyone's hand. To me it feels like trying to use a shovel with a 2X4 handle. Round handle works much better even though you could probably get used to the 2X4 over time. I guess it's the dichotomy of "the world is what you make it" and "this is what you get". I must be built for comfort because ALL of my tools either get modified or replaced if they don't fit my hand. Someone on another forum said "get a DA revolver and learn to shoot it fast and accurately and then you can pick up anything and hit with it". I would have to agree. Years ago I shot a S&W 745 auto and tried for 2 years to be proficient enough to compete in IPSC with it. Never did. It was 100% reliable and had a beautiful trigger pull. Switched over to a 1911 and made a lot of progress very quickly. The grip angle on S&W autos just never worked for me (maybe I didn't try hard enough or long enough). I honestly think S&W would have sold a lot more auto pistols if they had copied the 1911's grip angle.

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