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I support background checks that keep people who have felony convictions from buying guns. The system could probably use some tweaking for non-violent felons, victimless crimes, etc. But so long as he receives his day in court, it seems fair to me.

I won't ever support a written psych exam at the gun shop counter. But if someone has been deemed mentally unstable, then he should temporarily not be allowed access to a firearm. Again, as long as he receives some sort of due process.

If you're old enough to vote, you should be allowed to own and carry a firearm.


I don't support closing the "gun show loophole". That has more to do with my personal property rights than guns.

I don't want to be forced to buy bulk ammo 999 rounds at a time.

And I'd like to see the machine gun registry reopened. Then maybe even eliminated. But there are a lot of bureaucrats at ATF who need the work.
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