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We hold our shoots at a state owned park/range. Unfortunately, we can't do them during normal "open hours" (part of the state's charter and one of our conditions of the lease) so we start at 4P one weekend a month starting at range closing time. During warm seasons, the club is open 4 days a week. It closes early November til Spring and then we shoot one Sunday morning a month.

If it weren't for our club leasing the range from the state, there probably wouldn't even be a range there. Bcuz the range is there, the state wildlife/park patrol officers come to qualify one day a quarter, too.

Everything there belongs to the club. I don't know about the clubhouse or shooting shelters, tho.

All this gives up wide latitudes to do as we wish and if it's not the monthly pin shoot, one of the officers runs a 22 shoot a couple other days a month when the range is closed. We start after work and shoot as long as we wish.

We shoot pins bcuz we WANT to and we get away with it bcuz the club officers want to do it. We have anywhere from 15 to 30 shooters in our group.

So if you want to shoot pins, get a group together and organize a regular competition and all chip in for the administration/labor of it. You don't have to do any paperwork if you don't want to. We all lend a hand in the shoots and it makes setup and teardown go quickly. We all set pins too.
We post the times in our club newsletter just for information and to watch our personal development (bragging rights, you know). I've only been shooting a pistol for a year or so and have cut my times in half. This is more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. (where have you heard that one before ?)
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