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Awful time with my dragoon today

Decided to leave out the wounder wad on my dragoon today at the range. This was I think the third set of rounds through her. 30gr 'P', .454 Hornaday, CCI #11's and ALL 5 CYLINDERS failed to ignite! Caps functioned but no powder ignition!
Took the nipple pick to her and another five caps and nothing! Third time around, got 2 balls down range. Got 2 more on the next go, but I had to remove the nipple on the last cylinder and "stir up" the powder charge with the nipple pick and the last ball said goodbye.
I used the nipple pick between all miss fires.
The only thing I can think of is that I rammed the ball to hard. Thus packing the powder to tightly.
Is this possible?
Thoughts and Musings?

Other thing is these damn caps getting jammed up and causing cylinder rotation problems. Any secrets or special brand of caps that help to reduce this frustrating little problem? I'm finally breaking down and buying new nips for the walker as there is NO consistency of size on mine.
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