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feels good in hand

I've been wondering. You hear alot of people claiming they bought this gun because it felt right in their hand or it pointed good. Some like the feel of a glock, so now they are a glock owner, others are a XD owner and yet others are 1911 fans all because they feel and aim right. Well I use to and still am a S&W man (auto) and hated glocks. Alot on here heard me in the past say that I purchased a glock 22 gen 4. I have to admit it did feel alittle different and like all else it did point different. But thats all I really shot about the last 8-9 months. I shoot in my yard and I shoot about 5-6 days a week. Maybe 10 rds or maybe 50 rds a day. So doing this day after day the gun feels like an extension to my arm now. Im very, very accurate with it and love everything about this gun. I have alot of others put up and havent really shot anything else at all. So as far as feeling right and aiming and all- I believe you can get use to anything really. With practice, practice and more maybe it would have been your last gun to choose but if thats all you had and shot the crap out of it I do think it would be your favorite. What do you guys think?
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