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I have .308 HB rifles in 26,24, and 22.5" and will honestly say I find no difference in accuracy potential amongst them. If you're trying to go to the maximum range, the 26" will keep the powder burning in the barrel a little longer in order to get the highest velocity out of heavier bullets. The slowest suitable powders behind the 175(or 190) grain bullet may benefit from the 26". I shoot two Mausers equipped with Parker Hale 24" barrels and another Mauser with an unknown maker 22.5" SS barrel and there just isn't much diff in velocity(the SS barrel is super slick inside so that increases it's velocity). My daughter's Savage 110 w/26" barrel is still pretty rough inside and doesn't show much increase in velocity over the 24" PH barrels but still shoots cloverleaf groups.
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