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Lead from City/ San Fran & others Shower Pans

Anybody work with the lead pans of Shower pans?

I'V had access to TONS! of this and Old Lead Toilet Drain pipes,that connect to the Flange.

I am sure the lead goes into the water supply from the drains to the ground water and then brought back up for some to drink,but that is another deal to think about, EPA issues and all. Sorry I digress.

Just wonder if anybody has worked some of this material into the Range?

I get it in Sheets and people/Companies that do HOT Mops as well have connections to this.

We have pulled it out of Sunset/ Ca homes in San Fran and there are other places that used to be full Union, 50-100 yrs back which homes where done in this material.
No days they are Liners of plastic and such, but still today, re-modelers are taking out old Very soft thin Lead liners which can be 99 percent Lead.

I can let people know where to find these companies if need be. Most times the people involved toss it away, do to it being dangerous, in general. In San Fran, all/ ALL these sort of materials are Health issues and Liability issues, like Asbestos, so people are tossign it all and running from the problems around it.
It is for the taking and so if you are using some of this, let me know and or need more information on this Lead, LMK, maybe I can help Lead/Leed(LOL) you in the right direction.

Best regards !
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