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Home Invasion - Everybody Got Shot

This story is true and it happened here in the Amazon where I've been living for the past 30 years. About 25 years ago, a couple from the States finished a tour with some tourists and went to bed in there home located in a little river town not far from the big city. Well, that night, 3 guys crashed into to their bedroom each holding a shotgun (single shot, 16 gauge type). They knew the gringos had finished a tour and therefore had money. Money was demanded. The gringo made the decision that this was it, they were going to kill him and his wife after they got the money. The gringo got out of bed and gt his money box just a few feet from his bed. Fortunately, he had a S & W Chief's Special in the money box, given to him by one of the tourists. The gringo had the advantage of surprise, but with no cover, it was over in a few seconds. The gringo fired first and then all hell broke loose. His wife, still in bed, had a front row seat as the bullets flew and she survived unhurt but scraded as hell. Her husband was shot and he would have bled to death had she not got him to the big city hospital that late night to patch him up. An hour ride in the middle of the night down the Amazon river with no lights in a fast speed boat. He lost a finger or two on each hand and they picked some pellets out of him at the hospital, but he survived. Two of the bad guys were shot dead and the third ran for it after firing. He was later captured and put away.

What's to learn about that situation.

1. Don't underestimate a S&W J-frame with 5 shots at close range.
2. Don't let anyone know you have any money - The bad guys knew.
3. Have an early warning system so you aren't surprised while at home.
4. Have a loaded gun within arms length while in bed.
5. Hope they don't have shotguns.

Anything to add?
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